DeskAngel, A powerful tool to help daily works by extending the mouse and keyboard functions.

Oolauncher, Take over and arrange the applications launching while Windows starting up.

MiniRun, A handy tool to start application by keyboard.

Capslock, Display the Caps Lock status in Windows system notification area.

Wsizer, is designed to move and resize windows on Desktop just by keyboard.

MiniHex, a fast hex edit to handle huge files.


DaRemote, presents system information and status by chats on your phone.

DaysandDate, an application to calculate days between tow dates and vice versa for Android system.

DaCalc, is an function calculator running on Android mobile system. It can be used to calculate like tips, tax and so on.

AdjBrightness, can adjust screen brightness in the range from 2 ~ 255. It can lock the brightness if you do not want it to be changed by other cases.


DaClipBoard, a clipboard history app for macOS.