DeskAngel's History

What's New: (v2.2.5.1)

  • changed the default hibernate hotkey to win+alt+h (avoid the conflict in win10).
  • changed the default turn off monitor hotkey to win+alt+o (avoid the conflict in win10).
  • added hotaction for rull up windows feature (check the [rollupwnd] session in settings.ini).

What's New: (v2.2.4.1)

  • fix potantial crash when create a thread for auto scrolling.
  • fix dock mode issue for multiple screen. It works perfect with win7 now.
  • fix a crash while auto scrolling on a tooltip in process explorer.
  • fix a bug about exception list.
  • add temparily disabled 'directly scroll' feature while pressing 'control' key

What's New: (v2.2.3.1)

  • enable exception list for direct-scroll feature.

What's New: (v2.2.2.82)

  • fix capture screen issue in dual view mode if the main screen is not the leftmost one.
  • fix WM_RBUTTONUP message lost issue in Opera after triggered Lingoes.

What's New: (v2.2.2.66)

  • add a feature to move the position of buttons in taskbar (for vista).
  • fix scroll issues for x86 version of IE and Opera browsers in windows 7 x64 system.
  • hide 'icon only on taskbar' menu in windows 7 system.

What's New: (beta v2.2.2.37)

  • add copyright claim on about dialog.
  • fix 'turn off monitor' feature didn't work by hotkey.
  • add 'disable ime' for specified windows.
  • add retrieved window information to clipboard, as well as displaying on screen.
  • fix blink issue for 'turn off monitor' function.
  • fix some hotkeys are still working after the corresponding features were disabled.
  • fix some potential issues when the dll was unloading.
  • add a feature which can convert file paths in clipboard to objects to be pasted, and vice versa.

What's New: (v2.2.1.95)

  • display the rectangle size while 'clipping screen'.
  • fix the link of 'check update...'.
  • set the window to focused when pressed middle button on it/fix some windows will not receive wheel message after middle button pressed).
  • fix a maximized window before inconified could not be restored to maximized again.
  • improve the retrieving title bar height function for 'roll up to title'.
  • 'icon only on taskbar' feature will restore the last status after it started.
  • add aspect ratio when 'clipping screen'.
  • fix an issue when fire the 'clipping screen' feature with hotkey.
  • fix about dialog of DeskAngel will be over 'clipping screen' window issue.

What's New: (v2.2.1.27)

  • change the behavior of 'dock window' when mode was set to 1(expand the window size).the size of the window will be half of the screen after docked.
  • change the information in 'about dialog'. All links are updated to new sites.
  • add menu items for 'auto scrolling' feature in order to switching between modes easier.
  • add 'thanks to' section in 'about dialog'.
  • fix could not capture snapshots for topmost windows issue.

What's New: (v2.2.0.42)

  • fix failed to get icon for some applications, like filezilla.
  • can adjust the distance and delta distance for 'auto scroll' feature.
  • add animate option for 'rolling up window' feature.
  • fix 'rolling up window' for opera.
  • add hotkey to minimize window under cursor. If 'alt' is present in the hotkey combines, the window will appear in system notification area.
  • add an additional mode to 'auto scrolling' feature. Now, wheel button can be released after the mode was actived. Click again the wheel/left button to exit the mode.
  • the cursor is sticked when 'auto scrolling' feature is actived.

What's New: (v2.2.0.1)

  • diable snap/dock when the window is moving from offscreen to screen.
  • add hotkey for 'turn off monitor' feature.
  • fix 'roll up to title', 'cursor change' and 'dock/snap' features for foobar200.
  • add dock mode for 'dock/snap' feature. the windows size can be kept when docking. pressing left control can temporarily switch between the modes.
  • add hibernate function. Hotkey is also supported.
  • 'lock window' and 'turn off monitor' menu items are moved into 'system functions' menu which 'hibernate'.
  • fix the last window will not show in the taskbar after restored from 'icon only on taskbar'.
  • alt can take effect immediately for 'docked/snapped' windows.
  • fix right menu in drop box of download tools been blocked issue.
  • enable move the window out of screen in 'dock/snap' after keeping window size mode is enabled.
  • fix 'roll up to title' issue for applications like windows live messenger v2009.
  • add hotkey for 'screen clipping' feature.
  • Change 'press left alt + double clik title bar to close window' feature from left alt to right alt.
  • Press left alt to temporarily disable 'roll up to title'.
  • Press left alt while minimizing a window will add the window to system notification area, aka system tray.

What's New: (v2.1.1.31)

  • fix a slight memory leak in menu displaying.
  • cursor can stick to the caption when docking and undocking.
  • can open settings.ini file in help menu.
  • associate readme file with language. If the readme file in that language is not exist, readme_en.txt were opened.
  • fix 'icon only on taskbar' for some non-english windows versions.
  • desktop of windows xp is added into internal disable list of 'transparent window'.
  • can use the alpha value of the watermark file itselft, when watermark_alpha is set to 0.

What's New: (v2.1.1.5)

  • taskbar was added to internal exception list for 'cursor change', 'dock' and 'roll up to title'.
  • speed up a little for 'auto scroll'.
  • enable translucent menus (system style menu) when the window is translucent.
  • fix window size changed issue after docked at edge of the screen.
  • fix application will stop responding after DA exited issue which introduced in last version.
  • adjust menu, grouped about menu and other help items in help menu.
  • fix crash issue if changed several windows of one process.
  • adjust the dock margin.
  • hold alt will temporarily disable 'dock' feature when moving windows.

What's New: (v2.0.12.23)

  • now capture screen shots can snap transparent windows.
  • add specified watermark to the captured picture.
  • avoid the black frame of the captured picture.
  • transparent window can be restored after deskangel restarted.
  • add new feature to change the cursor shape while moving window.
  • enable dock window at the edges of screen.