Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to build other language files?

It is easy to build language file for other language.
  • Copy one of the language file in language folder
  • Rename the main name but keep the extension unchanged
  • Translate the strings in the right side of '=', but keep the '-' unchanged
  • Restart DeskAngel

2. Why 'auto scroll' function doesn't work?

Auto scroll function needs a mouse with a wheel and the clicking of the wheel button is mapped to middle button.
If the function of the wheel button was changed by other application, like Logitech's application, you should change it to 'middle button' first in order to use the 'auto scroll' and 'maximize/restore' features.

3. How to switch back from 'window information' mode?

'Window Information' feature will occupy the right click till you disable it.
To disable it,
  • left click the icon of DA in system notification area
  • unselect 'Window Information' in 'Enable features' sub-menu

4. Why there is a blank left on taskbar after window closed?

It would occur if both 'Icon only on taskbar' feature and 'Slide taskbar buttons' visual effect were enabled in Windows XP.
To disable 'Slide taskbar buttons',
  • Open Control Panel
  • Find and Double click on System icon
  • Select Advance tab
  • Click Settings... button in 'Performance' group
  • Clear check marker befor Slide taskbar buttonsin the dialog
  • Click 'OK' or 'Apply' button

5. Why right menu could not display after 'left button+right button' pressed?

Some application, like Opera, will block right button messages if it started after DeskAngel.
So, DeskAngel could not receive the right button messages it sent before.
To resolve such problems, restart DeskAngel. Otherwise, arrange the start priority of autorun applications.