DeskAngel features

DeskAngel is an enhancement tool for Windows desktop. It is simple, portable and totally free. It contains following features:

System Features:

  • Lock windows. System provided a hotkey win+l.
  • Turn off monitor. Default hotkey is win+o.
  • Hibernate windows. Default hotkey is win+h.
  • Simulate win Key. F6 works like win key.
  • Windows Enhancement Features:

  • Directly scroll the document under the cursor, whenever it was active or not, while rotating the wheel of the mouse.
  • Auto scroll the document the under cursor, by pressing wheel button of the mouse and rotating one step.
  • Toggle topmost status of a window by right clicking on its title bar.
  • Roll up a window by double clicking on its title bar.
  • Toggle move mode by right clicking the bottom border of a window.
  • Close a window by pressing right alt then double clicking on title bar of it.
  • Maximize/Restore a window by middle button clicking in it.
  • Visual Effect Features:

  • Edge snap is like 'Aero snap' of 'windows 7', which snaps a window to the edges of screen.
  • Adjust transparent rate of a window by pressing 'left ctrl+alt' and rotating mouse wheel on it.
  • Show icon only on taskbar.
  • Change cursor style while moving window.
  • Hide cursor while typing in non-microsoft applications.
  • Move position of buttons in taskbar for Windows Vista.
  • Misc Features:

  • Screen clipping is a screenshot tool by pressing left button and moving to draw a rectangle on the screen.
  • Translate left button pressing+right button clicking to 'alt+right button click'.
  • Auto close a specified window.
  • Auto connect and login to the remote PCs in LAN with the specified user name and password.
  • Disaplay informations of a window by right clicking on it.
  • Disable ime for specified windows.
  • Convert file path in clipboard to pasted-able object, and vice versa.